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Mad City Rockers

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MCR - news, interviews and reviews all information in english, Otzivi ot Manuel Jensa i Decibel Review
28/05/2010 polsednie novosti ot MCR:

★★ For Memorial Day MCR'S headquarter Feat. John Garcia & Mark Duda will sell Mad City Rockers on EBAY,AMAZON,I-TUNES & at Madcityrockers web site (dot com) where 100% of proceeds of the sale of each release will send out in some way to veterans. If u have a shop,distro & if u want to support: The Acton is go!! ★★

mercoledì, ottobre 07, 2009  
MCR Decibel Review
Millions of people who lives in  mega-cities,listen new music leaving behind old traditions. Mark is not only a powerful singer,not so far away from Glenn Danzig & Lynn Turner he have an old rock tradition, Basically he preserve what we call rock.  Let's say, i'm a new fan Of Mark Duda & Handful. It was way back in 2006 when i decided to Create this project because rock for me  is an old cultural tradition. I hate the new music scene. Who knows, maybe in 10 years we will rock together in drunken revelry and rekindle an age-old tradition…  many times a good record has been reminded after 20 years...  the new music is old after 3 weeks. So we play rock...We let other people let themselves be carried away by fashion and trends.

1) BETTER A Déjà vu all over again ....HAHAHA
2) When a Grindcore extreme magazine have the time for rock'n roll ....
3) Black celebration celebrate that the "world is black" Never knew  Depeche mode :)
4) English is not the same of American.Who wrote lyrics is born In New Jersey!!
Manuel Jensa


Black Celebration

Déjà vu all over again | self-released

The pitch was simple: “MCR, Black Celebration.” Wait, Gerard Way is doing a note-by-note Depeche Mode covers album? Intriguing! With guest star John Garcia, formerly of Kyuss? Weird! And it’s self-released? How punk!
But no. MCR is short for Mad City Rockers, a straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll group with a transcontinental pedigree; the band members hail from such exotic locales as Tokyo, Rome, London and, ahem, New Jersey. As their web page explains: “Rock is not ‘dead.metal more’ extreme explores and develops territories unknown to us experiencing new frontiers but we have yet something to say in the way we use to call: Traditional!” (Apparently, English is not the band’s strength.)
So, let’s translate. MCR are “rawk.” The title track borrows the opening riffage from AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck,” adds a hint of Who bombast and features singer Mark Duda trying out his best Ian Astbury, right down to the lame-o pseudo-shaman lyrics (“a black celebration, mama, dancing on my grave”). Then there’s some Southern rock touches (see “Stronger,” featuring Garcia), a decent ballad (“Set in My Ways,” which would sound epic on any classic rock station between Frampton and Skynyrd) and more AC/DC homages (“Fix My Love”).
There’s no real need for this album, especially if you own Back in Black or Electric. But considering that the Cult currently suck and Angus & co. only release an album now once a decade (and only at Walmart), Black Celebration is a fine reminder that a few good/plundered riffs is all a band really needs.
—Kirk Miller
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