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Mad City Rockers

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°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°'★★MCR★★ Guest John Garcia +MADCITYROCKERS (DOT) COM Kicks ass this year With Big Sales with Feat. John Garcia (ex kyuss) We will be here in a few more days, and it will be time to finally spring forward. We also have Mark Duda (best Singer ever) that definitely make the grade★★MCR★★°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°

Mad City Rockers - Black Celebration  

A rocking debut

The first thing that struck me about Mad City Rockers C.D. when it arrived in the mail was its packaging. The environmentally friendly and innovative packaging really impressed me, and the cover artwork - visually striking. So with Mad City Rockers album ‘Black Celebration’ already making an impact in the visual sense, I could only hope that they would dazzle me in the same fashion in the audio sense. I’ll be damned if they didn’t come pretty damn close to doing just that!

Founded by Italian guitarist Maurizio ‘Angus’ Bidoli (who’s otherwise known within the metal scene as guitarist for Italian thrash act Fingernails) back in 2006, Mad City Rockers soon consolidated their line-up with the addition of vocalist Mark Duda (who’s also vocalist for The Handful) and bassist Manuel Jensa, and with the assistance of two drummers (Valter Sacripanti and Alien Vampires drummer Dario ‘Daryl’ Fioravanti), finally set about recording their debut effort.

Despite the band’s somewhat eclectic line-up, ‘Black Celebration’ is a pretty impressive and convincing slab of good ol’ southern hard rock mixed with traces of stoner rock. The title track ‘Black Celebration’ makes for a great opening track, with Bidoli providing a great AC/DC-like riff groove throughout the song, and a genuinely ripping solo around the tail end. Duda is a great addition to the band’s ranks, with the slight twang on his vocal delivery giving the song a distinct southern groove. The only real flaw to be found is the production. While it’s solid and crisp, the lack of bass and meat in the guitar tones does tend to dampen the impact the song really could have had in the right hands.

Tracks such as ‘I Still Believe’, ‘Fix My Love’, ‘Sarajevo’ and ‘Hard Livin’ Headlines’ help keep the rock flowing throughout the album, while the slower paced ‘The Colour Of A Star’, the blues influenced ‘Set In My Ways’ and ‘Screaming Bloody Murder’ ensures that there’s plenty of variation throughout the album as well.

As an added bonus, former Kyuss/Unida/Hermano vocalist John Garcia adds a bit of extra appeal to the album with his guest appearance on the smouldering ‘Stronger’, which as you would expect is a definite highlight on the album.

Unfortunately, not everything works. The short atmospheric instrumental interlude ‘A Distant Mile’ (written by Fioravanti) and the Jensa penned industrial piece ‘The Enemy Within’ (which precedes the album closer ‘Follow The Sun’) just don’t fit on the album.

Aside from the two misplaced pieces, ‘Black Celebration’ is rocking debut effort for Mad City Rockers, and what I only hope is the first of many releases from the band.
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